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Medical Malpractice

Most doctors truly do the best they can, but there are times when they (or their staff) mess up.  We're all human.  Not every bad result is "medical malpractice".  Remember, most people go to the doctor because they are sick or injured anyway!
However, if a doctor did not follow the generally accepted "standard of care" and that failure actually resulted in damage to you, you MAY have a case.  Not every case of medical negligence is worth pursuing, however. Medical negligence cases are hard fought and expensive to bring.  Before proceeding, it is essential to make sure we have a very solid case.
Over the years, I have read through literally 10s of 1000s of pages of medical records.  I know the terminology, and I know what to look for. If you suspect you or a loved one are the victim of medical negligence or nursing home negligence, please, give me a call.  I'll review your facts and documents and give you a brutally honest assessment of the situation.
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