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Child Support in South Carolina



The parent who does not have primary physical custody will usually have to pay child support.  If the visiting parent has the child over 110 nights a year, that may be regarded as "shared" custody for purposes of support. If the parties can agree on a child support amount, usually the judge will approve the amount.  The Family Court judge will still ensure it is fair for the child, however.  If the parties cannot agree on an amount, the court will use the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines. Whatever the calculator says is what the other parent will pay.  There is very little room for argument.  It is based on your GROSS income (before taxes) and factors in day care, child health insurance, other child support, other minor children and extraordinary medical expenses of the child.

Sometimes we argue about what is gross income, but understand it usually includes income from any source and in any method.  So if you get a "free car" from work, the value of that may be included as income to you. You can read the guidelines for more indepth definitions and instructions HERE.


SC DSS has developed a "Child Support Calculator" to assist you in determining how much your support will be.

Here is the child support calculator:



The South Carolina Bar has some free resources for the "non custodial" parent.

For more information, please visit:


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