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South Carolina Family Court

Family law matters are extremely emotional and time consuming cases; at our firm, we recognize that and make every attempt to help the family heal and come together.  If there are children involved, the focus should always be on what is in the child's best interest.  The primary goal is to resolve disputes fairly, quickly and inexpensively; however, there are times when healing is not possible and we must prepare for a fight. If you may need an attorney in SC, call us today!
It is hard to estimate the costs of a case before we meet because every situation is different; I have seen cases get resolved for as little as $500.00 and as much as $95,000.00.  A typical retainer for an uncontested divorce is $1150.00 (including filing fees), but this only applies in cases where you have agreed how to divide all property and there is no arguing about child custody, visitation or support.
Most family court cases will involve a "Temporary Hearing". For more information about South Carolina Family Court Temporary Hearings, visit this page: Temporary Hearings
Disputed case retainers range from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 (and up), BUT every case is different. Every person is different. I am different, and I try to make justice accessible to all. I offer special financing to those who qualify and work with people on payments in appropriate cases.
More often than not, the only ones who benefit from a "nasty" and contentious divorce are the attorneys!
You will need a "Financial Declaration" in almost every Family Court case. You can speed things up by being prepared and gathering data relating to marital finances. Here is the form: .
Typical Family Court Cases Include:


Our firm handles all these matters and more.  If you think you may have to go to Family Court or if you are having domestic relations issues, please call us today.
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