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Criminal Law

I am often asked how I can represent "criminals" . . . The answer is:  EASILY ... Unless we citizens make sure the government follows the rules, follows the Constitution and proves a person is guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" innocent people will go to jail.

The criminal justice system can be a difficult and scary thing.  At our firm, we will help you navigate the system and explore every option for a resolution of your case.  If you may need an attorney in SC, call us!
We have handled a wide variety of criminal cases from traffic tickets to burglary and rape cases. Criminal cases require a flat fee up front due to the nature of the cases.  The fee depends on the seriousness of the charge and the estimated amount of work involved.  Public Defenders are often great attorneys, but we can offer a level of customer and client service they are unable to.
From day one, I personally take an interest in your case and start my investigation.  My father was a police officer for over thirty years and he is a valuable resource of information and knowledge. My associate attorney, Joseph Catalano, is a former Sheriff's Detective who's knowledge and experience is indispensible.
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